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Dr. Virendra Swarup Education Centre, UnnaoVISION

First Term Examination Class IX - X 2018-19
Class IX

Class IX

Test Schedule 2018-19
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Class VIII
11th March – Candy Floss Party organised for Early Step Students.

Magic Show – Organised for children of Pre – Primary.

Yearly Syllabus

Class X yearly Syllabus

Founder's Day

Dr. VSEC, Unnao is affiliated to the council for Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi, Popularly known as ICSE Board. The school meets the modern educational needs of the district Unnao on the outskirts of Kanpur.
School Song

Prefectorial Body

Pride of Tommorow

Winning Accolades

My Participation

"A future tommorow where work is workship."
"Perfection is beyond us for it means the ends and we are always journeying, trying to approach something that is ever receding."

"THE word educate has its roots in the Latin word educo, which means to educate."

"Education plays an indispensable role in harnessing an indispensable talent and in converting ones Dreams & Aspirations into reality."

"Think and Act independently live with and for others"

"Take responsibility of our actions."

"Demonstrate Empathy and Respect for others."

"Achieve a high level of Academic Excellence."

"Achieve your goal with a vision.”
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